Sukkot 2023 – Preparing for the Wilderness

September 29 – October 1

The Fall Feasts are coming up and we are excited to announce a weekend celebration of Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) September 29th through October 1st! Join us as we come together to commemorate this special time with activities, events, and discussions centered around this year’s theme of “Preparing for the Wilderness.”

Our Sukkot 2023 weekend will be at the Miracle Farm Retreat Center in Washington County. You can read more about the facilities here and get a map to the location here.

If you haven’t already notified Jay or Paula that you are coming, please read this whole article and then let us know ASAP. Time and space are finite!

What we need to know:

  • What is your name, email address, and phone number?
  • How many are coming and what are your t-shirt sizes?
  • Are you staying overnight or only coming for a day visit?
  • If you’re coming for a day visit, what days and times?
Brenham Torah Community contact information


Deuteronomy 16:16-17 says, “Three times a year all your men shall appear before YHWH your Elohim at the place that he will choose: at the Feast of Unleavened Bread, at the Feast of Weeks, and at the Feast of Tabernacles. They shall not appear before YHWH empty-handed. Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of YHWH your Elohim that he has given you.”

While we may not be able to go to Jerusalem, we can still follow this principle right where we are. We want to make sure that everyone in the community who wants to be there, can be there. After discussing our options with some others in the community, we have decided not to charge a registration fee for each person.

Instead, please wait until Sukkot and contribute financially as you are able and “according to the blessing of YHWH” at that time. Your donation will go toward the cost of the facilities, groceries for meals, and miscellaneous supplies. Any excess will be set aside for future feast days and community needs as they arise. If you can’t contribute financially, don’t worry about it. There will also be ample opportunities to help with meals, cleanup, grounds maintenance, and just being a good neighbor.


Most of our time will be open for fellowship, games, and whatever fun or serious thing you want to do, as long as it’s safe and not disruptive of others, but we have a number of teaching, worship, and learning events too! There will be plenty of opportunities for the kids to play and teens to hang out, with some special activities planned for both. The events during the Open Fellowship times are optional for anyone who wants to learn, but we’d like everyone to be present at the evening worship and teaching if at all possible.

Keep in mind that this schedule is tentative.

The blue “Event” blocks are set aside for organized worship, study, and teaching events. Everyone should plan on attending those if possible. We will also have some great optional events in the Open Fellowship blocks for anyone who is interested!

  • Friday ~4:00 PM – Safety and Awareness for personal and congregational circumstances with Carlos Sheran
  • Saturday ~3:30 PM – Canning Demonstration, part 1 with Britt Vincent
  • Saturday ~4:30 PM – Garden Crops for Long-Term Storage with Brad Stufflebeam
  • Saturday ~6:00 PM – Canning Demonstration, part 2 with Britt Vincent
  • Sunday ~9:30 AM – Fit for the Wilderness with Paula Carper

We want to be respectful of our hosts and maintain the security of the whole community, so if you are only coming for the day or a few hours and aren’t spending the night, we still need to know ahead of time! Please use the contact information above.


The retreat center can handle up to 80 overnight guests, and we’re already at about 70! Please let us know ASAP if you can commit to being there overnight. Since space is so limited, please don’t commit unless you are sure.

There is plenty of space available for tents, and we will also have the use of separate men’s and women’s bunk houses for anyone who may require air conditioning or special accommodation. The restrictions are due to the legal capacity limits of the facilities, which weren’t designed for tent camping. Miracle Farm has never had anyone who wanted to sleep outside when there is an air-conditioned bed just a few yards away! 🤣

Speaking of which, even if you set up your tent, if the weather gets to be too much, you can always relocate to the men’s or women’s bunk house. You will still need to provide your own toiletries and bedding, however, even in the bunk houses. There are indoor bathrooms and showers, but they are in the very back of the bunk houses, so you can expect a little coming-and-going throughout the night.

🚫 Pet Policy 🐶
Please note that pets are not allowed at the retreat center to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants as well as Miracle Farm’s resident livestock.

🚭 No Tobacco or Alcohol 🍷
As the retreat center is owned and maintained by a state-licensed boys home, we kindly request that all attendees respect their rules and refrain from bringing tobacco or alcohol onto the property.

📛 No Fires 🧑🏼‍🚒
Sorry, but no campfires. The retreat center has a charcoal grill and an outdoor fireplace available, but no other fires are allowed on the property.

Some views of the Miracle Farm Retreat Center where we’ll be having our Preparing for the Wilderness Sukkot weekend…

Outdoor common area with 800-year old oak tree.
Another view of the outdoor common area. Tents will go along the fence on the other side of the trees.
Another view of the outdoor common area.
Grill and smoker. It might need a little cleaning and leveling before it’s useable.
Large, outdoor patio with functional fireplace.
There are men’s and women’s bunk houses, each with its own bathroom and showers. You’ll need to bring your own linens.
Each side of the bunk house has a small sitting area near the front door.
One of the bunk house bathrooms.
The kitchen stove
The indoor meeting and dining area.

Official Event Rules

Subject to change…

  1. Christ-like behavior is expected of all attendees at all times. No fighting, profanity, verbal abuse, vandalism, or any other behavior that your mother would disapprove of.
  2. Remember that some people need more sleep than others. Please keep noise to a minimum after 10 PM and before 7 AM.
  3. Plan on eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the scheduled times. We can’t guarantee that there will be leftovers. Feel free to bring extra snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for your family.
  4. Decent and modest clothing is required at all times in common spaces.
  5. For everyone’s protection and to prevent even the appearance of impropriety, no adult should be alone with other people’s children and no unmarried couples (male and female) should be alone with each other at any time.
  6. No females are allowed in the men’s dorm and no males are allowed in the female dorms.
  7. To prevent disrupting the sleep of people in the dorms, please use the men’s and women’s restrooms in the dining hall at night. During the daytime, the bathrooms (and showers) in the men’s and women’s dorms and the dining hall are available for use.
  8. Parents are responsible for their own children. There are some children’s activities planned, but we do not have any provisions for childcare.
  9. Keep the facilities clean and orderly. Clean up after yourself and your children. All able-bodied attendees will work together to keep the Retreat Center free from trash and clutter.
  10. Do not remove furniture, mattresses, or other items belonging to Miracle Farm from the dorms.
  11. Except for kitchen and other deliveries, all vehicles must be parked in the designated parking areas outside the fence.
  12. Please do not bring extension cords. USB device charging stations and extension cords will be provided in locations where they will not present a safety hazard.
  13. No fireworks and no fires anywhere except in the fireplace and the grill.
  14. Blow dryers and hair irons may only be used in the bathrooms.
  15. No tobacco or alcohol on the premises.
  16. No pets, please.